Infrared Saunas aid weight loss?

Some mentioned Infrared Saunas to me a while ago and insisted they were great for helping with weight loss, and my first thoughts were — What the heck is an Infrared Sauna when it’s at home and how can sitting doing nothing burn so many calories?!

So I hopped online and started doing a little reading, I came across who sell the far infrared sauna and offer a wealth of information on the subject. Apparently you really do burn a lot of calories while using one, because your body is working overtime to try maintain it’s core temperature and producing sweat — it makes perfect sense now I have had it explained, but I’d never given it any thought before…and I would have bet my bottom dollar my friend who originally mentioned it was telling porkies.

Oooops. Good job I don’t make bets with friends, huh?

If only my new house were big enough, I’d be all over getting me one of them!

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